GROVER is a big baby doll!

Inyo/Mono County Animal Resources & Education

P.O. Box 76
Bishop, CA 93515

Dogs for Adoption

Here are a few of the many dogs available for adoption. Please visit the Animal Shelter in person to see our entire, wonderful selection. For Shelter hours, visit the Adoption page.

BUSTER is a gentle-as-a-lamb Black Lab mix adult. He walks (without pulling) on the leash! His owners are moving and couldn't manage to take Buster with them. I know. Pretty lame, huh? Buster has a lot of love to give to an adopter who knows a great dog when they see one.

  NAHLA is
a medium-sized 7-month old female Black Lab/Shepherd mix. She’s a very bright girl who learns everything very quickly. And Nahla has a lovely disposition, too. What more could you ask for?

STEWIE is a very small (about 3 lbs) 5-month old Chihuahua. Stewie gets along great with other small dogs, but  would do best in a home with no young children because of his tiny bones. He would be at his very happiest if he could go for daily walks and play regular games of fetch. You know what they say — “A tired dog is a good dog!”

BANDIT is an 18-month old Lab mix who was hit and dragged by a car. Inyo County Animal Services took her to the Bishop Vet Hospital who discovered, not only did she have a number of lacerations, but had also torn her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). They repaired the ACL and stitched up Bandit's boo-boos at a cost of $1,152. If you'd like to help with the cost of his vet bill, please make a donation to the ICARE Stitch Fund. Oh, and yes, Bandit is available for adoption! He's a very sweet boy who deserves a committed and loving home to call his own.

ZELDA was living out at Deep Springs College for the past 6 months, but the faculty decided she deserved a real home and brought her to the Shelter. Zelda is a 14-month old Dalmatian mix (you can see her "ghost spots" in the right light). We love the Pirate Patch over her right eye and think she's one of the sweetest dogs around.

LEVI is a muscular, compact tank of a pooch. He's well behaved and walks like a champion on-leash and is very eager to please, which makes him super trainable.

JAY is a lovable 12-week old black and white Pit Bull puppy. His ears go every which way and only add to his cuteness and charm.

BENTLEY is an older Pomeranian mix who was wandering loose in Big Pine, No one has claimed this darling fellow, so he's available for adoption and in need of some tender, loving care. If you've got a special place in your heart for senior dogs, Bentley needs you.

MISS PIGLET is a 6-month old Bull Terrier mix. You  know the Target dog and Spuds McKenzie? Those dogs are Bull Terriers and are extremely intelligent and sweet, too! The AKC describes the breed as "an exceedingly friendly dog, with a sweet and fun-loving disposition who is popular in obedience, agility and show rings."

GROVER (Groovy Rover) is a happy-go-lucky Akita/Black Lab mix. He has a great attitude and should teach classes on life appreciation! In spite of being at the Shelter for almost 2 months, he maintains his sunny disposition and continues to love everyone. Grover is truly a great dog and deserves a second chance.

CHICA is a great little gal (about 40 lbs). She's just 7 months old and is already housetrained, is great around children and gets along beautifully with other dogs. Her owners moved somewhere that doesn’t allow pets, but they say Chica is the best dog they’ve ever had. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to adopt a terrific ready-to-go family dog!

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