BRANDY is a treasure!

Inyo/Mono County Animal Resources & Education

P.O. Box 76
Bishop, CA 93515

Dogs for Adoption ~ Here are a few of the many dogs available for adoption. Please visit the Animal Shelter in person to see our entire, wonderful selection. For Shelter hours, visit the Adoption page.

BRANDY is a joyful adult Australian Cattle Dog mix. She's having a great time going for walks with the volunteer dog-walkers, but would be even happier (if that's at all possible!), if she were to be adopted by a loving family who will cherish and dote on her.

BILLY BOY is a 10-month old Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix. He's got the smarts and drive of his Border Collie roots and would do best with an active, involved adopter who will commit to Billy Boy's exercise/play needs. UPDATE: Billy Boy has been transferred to the Whitmore Animal Shelter in Crowley Lake.

PEPPER is a purebred 2-year old German Shepherd who could use a few lessons in basic obedience. ICARE pays 50% of Obedience Classes for dogs and puppies adopted from the Inyo and Mono County Animal Shelters.

WHITE is a darling 1-year old male Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He's kind of shy and would appreciate a quieter home with no small children. This cutie pie is in search of a hero to rescue him.

ALICE is a petite, 9-month old Lab mix girly-girl. She's a fast one and might even have some Whippet in her family tree. Alice has a sweet and affectionate temperament and would make a great family dog.

MILO is an adult Chocolate Lab mix. He's a bit shy, but is oh so ready to bond to his adopter. We've already seen an incredible turn-round in just a short time!

LANA is a 6-month old Labrador Retriever mix all dressed up in her finest tiger (brindle) coat. She's on the small side and is learning to walk on-leash thanks to the volunteer Shelter dog-walkers. UPDATE: Lana has been transferred to the Whitmore Animal Shelter in Crowley Lake.

DEE is a very small, 1-year old, Chihuahua/Pug mix. She's only 8" at the shoulder and weighs maybe 4-5 lbs. We think, because of her tiny stature, she would be happier and safer in a home with no small children.

REESE is a medium-sized, 6-month old, gold and white female American Staffordshire Terrier mix puppy. She has beautiful hazel-colored eyes and a cute pink nose. Reese is a little sweetheart and very adoptable.

JOSIE is a 6-month old, medium-sized mixed breed. She is a charmer girl and has won the hearts of Shelter staff and volunteers with her lovable ways. She's a winner! UPDATE: Josie has been transferred to the Whitmore Animal Shelter in Crowley Lake.

BRETT is a friendly little feller in search of a responsible family to keep him safe, loved and happy.

SAGE is an 8-month old Yellow Lab/Mastiff mix pups that was running on West Line Street in Bishop on August 4th. No one has bothered to claim her, so she is officially available for adoption. 

MITIE is an 18-month old mixed breed female doggie who hails from Lone Pine, CA. She's a sweet gal with her entire life ahead of her .... if she is adopted by a loving, responsible adopter.

MOE is a handsome and friendly 10-month old Yellow Lab mix with a happy-go-lucky personality.

LEVI is came in as a stray way back on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th!) and Shelter staff and volunteers agree he's a very adoptable dog, but visitors aren't seeing what we see. Maybe its because he's a muscular, compact tank of a pooch. But, Levi is well behaved and walks like a champion on-leash and is very eager to please. Being at the Shelter for over 4 months is hard on a fella. Won't you give this sweet boy a real life?

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