OBIE is adorable!

Inyo/Mono County Animal Resources & Education

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Dogs for Adoption

Here are a few of the many dogs available for adoption. Please visit the Animal Shelter in person to see our entire, wonderful selection. For Shelter hours, visit the Adoption page.

SAMMY (aka SAMANTHA) is a purebred German Shepherd. She is house-trained, gets along dandy with other dogs and also with children. Sammy would do best in a home that will commit to her daily exercise and fun, as well as making her a cherished member of the family.

a friendly and sweet 3-year old Boxer.

 STELLA is an 8-month old Australian Shepherd mix. She flunked Herding 101 when she killed the neigbor's chicken. But, that doesn't mean she can't be a devoted canine companion to an active adopter. Stella definitely needs daily walks/runs and stimulating interaction to prevent boredom/depression. Besides, exercise is good for you, too!

ROXY is a  small (25-30 lbs), 1 year old Queensland mix. She is house-trained and ready to be part of a loving, involved family. She also happens to be great with kids. Roxy would totally love daily walks or games of fetch!

MOE is a super sweet 10-month old Yellow Lab mix. What a great dog!

BUDDY is a handsome Border Collie/Shepherd mix. His owners moved and couldn't take him. He would do best with an active adopter who will take him for daily walks (or runs).

JOSIE is a 6-month old, medium-sized mixed breed. She is a charmer girl and has won the hearts of Shelter staff and volunteers with her lovable ways. She's a winner!

OBIE is a mystery pup. He was adopted from the Lancaster Shelter by an Inyo County resident who found they could no longer care for their pets. From what we can determine, he is a Terrier/Cocker mix about 2 years old, maybe younger, and about 13" at the shoulder. What he really needs is a permanent, loving home with a gentle, soft-spoken adopter(s). Such a darling pup waiting for YOU!

STEWIE is a very small (about 3 lbs) 5-month old Chihuahua. Stewie gets along great with other small dogs, but  would do best in a home with no young children because of his tiny bones. He would be at his very happiest if he could go for daily walks and play regular games of fetch. You know what they say — “A tired dog is a good dog!” Stewie is enjoying the good life with his foster family in Mammoth Lakes. If you'd like more info about this darling boy, call Melissa at 818-645-2206.

BANDIT is an 18-month old Lab mix who was hit and dragged by a car. Inyo County Animal Services took him to the Bishop Vet Hospital who discovered, not only did he have a number of lacerations, but had also torn his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). They repaired the ACL and stitched up Bandit's boo-boos at a cost of $1,152. If you'd like to help with the cost of his vet bill, please make a donation to the ICARE Stitch Fund. Oh, and yes, Bandit is available for adoption! He's a very sweet boy who deserves a committed and loving home to call his own.

LEVI is a muscular, compact tank of a pooch. He's well behaved and walks like a champion on-leash and is very eager to please, which makes him super trainable.

GROVER (Groovy Rover) is a happy-go-lucky Akita/Black Lab mix. He has a great attitude and should teach classes on life appreciation! In spite of being at the Shelter for almost 4 months, he maintains his sunny disposition and continues to love everyone. Grover is truly a great dog and deserves a second chance.

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